NOISEY (Vice) - Music Video PRemiere

"Era-appropriate sound with driving electric slide guitars and wailing harmonicas that could easily fit right in with any Western film."

Chart attack - single premiere

"Stan Simon & The Hotel Bible try to outrun their demons in “The Desert Line”

Exclaim! - Review                                                                                              

"The tune is a crunchy, salt-of-the-earth rocker that's flecked with dusty harmonica and contains a slightly violent narrative."

Interview with SYFFAL (NYC) 

"Well, I play music. That is what I do. I also drink. It’s a fine relationship."

Tunes for Tea - Single Review                                                                                                                

"This track is pretty sexy - robbing a bank, getting shot in the back, all accompanied by some pretty sultry harmonica? Yes Please. A true western story in all its glory."

The Indie Machine - Single Review                                                                                                  

"Sounds like it belongs in an episode of Hell on Wheels."

Interview with iscreammusic

"I wanted to lay it all on the table, not keep it in my head anymore, and “Escaping The Madhouse” speaks to that."

Halifax Pick of The Week

"Stan Simon saunters on down from Toronto to grace us with his whiskey-smooth folk skills"

Loathing The Airwaves - Show Review

"The madhouse is a tumultuous and vicious emotional cycle of highs and lows, and the musician doesn’t live for anything else."

SYFFAL (NYC) - Album Review

"It is big and bold in its hushed tone."